Pixel 3a DSDS T-Mobile

Goal: To have a Google Pixel 3a connected to the T-Mobile network with 2 seperate phone numbers. Note that this is not a guide on T-Mobile’s Digits service nor does it involve using that service. This is specifically focused on the Pixel 3a’s DSDS feature and having 2 real phone numbers.

Prep: I would recommend having the following information easily accessible. Note that this MUST be done in a store. Apart from having a SIM kit and another T-Mobile phone on the SAME account, I do not believe that this can be done over the phone via 611.

Current Account Holders:

  1. Your proper address for your T-Mobile account.
  2. Your Pin / Passcode for your T-Mobile account.
  3. A form of ID
  4. The phone number on your T-Mobile Account

Once you have everything set up, I would recommend having T-Mobile generate 2 temporary numbers. While you can port numbers ahead of time I would NOT. If anything happens you could lose one or both numbers. I am not responsible if this happens so take caution where you can.


  1. Remove all existing SIMs and if possible eSIMs from your phone. While you can proceed with eSIMs I have had issues with it in the past.
  2. Open the dialer and dial *#06# you will get the following.
  3. Make sure that the rep uses IMEI 1 for the first physical SIM. This will be the permeant physical sim. Make sure that the SIM is activated. Make sure you test calls, texting, and data (if applicable).
  4. Next remove that SIM card but hold on to it as you will need it later.
  5. Activate a second physical SIM using IMEI 2. You MUST use IMEI 2 if you do not carrier (T-Mobile) device rejection will most likely reject the SIM because it thinks its the same phone with the same number. You may also see calls and texts coming in on the wrong SIM. Save yourself some time and use IMEI 2 w/ SIM 2.
  6. Next ask the rep to swap the IMEI 2 w/ SIM 2 combination to eSIM.
  7. Open settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > + Add More > Don’t have a SIM card? > Next.
  8. On the “Confirm Your Network” screen look for the Activating in a store? If a representative asks for your EID, you can find it here. Select the find it here option.
  9. You will see the following screen with your EID.