Welcome! We are an online retailer that specializes in the refurbishment and resale of off-lease and retired business computers. This website is still in progress and will be updated daily. I will remove this message when the site is complete.

Why buy refurbished? Most of the computers we refurbish are business systems. These being the Dell Optiplex series. Since these are business systems they tend to be more reliable and last longer. By purchasing a computer from us you are both helping the environment by keeping perfectly good computers out of the trash but also saving money.

What is the difference between refurbished and used? Used PCs tend to be computers that someone has deiced to resale. They often are not inspected and are usually sold in an as is state with no returns or warranties. Refurbished PCs are computer that are tested and validated. This process included replacing any hardware that has failed or is about to fail. Finally a clean legitimate copy of Windows is purchased and loaded on the computer for you free of charge.